FRAPNA Symposium: “Mountains: when warming reached the heights”

By 26 September 2015December 14th, 2015Actualités, Agenda, Alpes-Climat-Risques, ROGP

September 26, 2015

The Rhône-Alpes Nature Protection Federation (FRAPNA) organized this public event to inform and educate the general public and stimulate debate on the specific impacts of global warming in the mountains, through round tables led by scientists, political and associative actors.

Programme (in French) [PDF]
Proceedings (in French) [PDF]

The topics covered were:

(1) Observations, trends and disturbances (climate change in mountains and effects  on glaciers and biodiversity)

(2) Impacts and consequences for the mountainous environment and activities (water resources, natural hazards, tourism)

(3) The response of local actors to the necessary adaptation (local authorities, ski resorts, “climate-energy territorial plans”, works of the Regional Observatory ORECC)

(4) The strategic vision of political and associative movements (Rhône-Alpes Region, Massif Committee, National Council of the Mountain, CIPRA, FNE / FRAPNA)

Information (in French)