AdaptAlp Project

“Adaptation to Climate Change in the Alpine Space” (2008-2011)

Project page (Alpine Space)


Le PARN, partner AdaptAlp project, participated in the WP6 Risk Prevention and Risk Management.”
The project is now complete:

The final conference program (July 6, 2011, Munich)
Press Release
Web page of the final conference and online presentations

PARN activities in the project:

International Expert Hearing
Adaptation of natural hazard management to climate change
January 26th 2011, Domancy (Haute-Savoie)

Proceedings and Synthesis of the Expert Hearing

International workshop
A best-practice example of integrated risk management: the glacial lake outburst flood from the Tête Rousse glacier, from the memory of the 1892 event to the 2010 crisis
April 20th, Grenoble (World Trade Center)

Workshop proceedings (pdf)

Online presentations

Contribution to the WP6 “Risk prevention and management”

Handbook for using videoconferences in risk communication (pdf)

Risk management and risk prevention – Final Report WP6 (pdf)

Webportail prototype ‘Who-does-what?’ in the framework of WP6


Contribution to the Common Strategic Paper du projet AdaptAlp

Common Strategic Paper FR (pdf)

Common Strategic Paper EN (pdf)

Other reseource (in French): Plaquette OFEV “Dangers naturels et changement climatique : gérer les incertitudes” (WP6: “Risk prevention and management”)

This project was supported by the Rhône-Alpes Region

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