Research related Activities
regarding Alpine Natural Hazards

Activities in the framework of Research Projects

The PARN participates in numerous research projects, either as partner, or as provider of one or several partners.

PARN realized various types of tasks:

Instigation and facilitation of research projects

Support for project building

  • Design of the project
    • Link with final users (stakeholders need analysis, case studies…)
    • Advises for partnership definition
    • Definition of objectives and means
    • Advises for the budget elaboration
  • Search of national confundings (compulsory for Interreg projects)

Support during project life

  • Support to reporting (progress and financial reports)
    • Support to restitution
      • Support for writing the final report
      • Organisation of restitution final events
      • Diffusion of information towards funding institutions and final users (public authorities, engineering consulting firms)

    • Participation to projects scientific or steering committees
      • Example:
        • Comité Scientifique du programme « Evaluation et Prise en compte des Risques naturels et technologiques » (EPR) (1999-2004)

Participation in Research

  • Technical and scientific tasks

– Retrospective analysis of the management of the risk to Séchilienne in the project ANR SLAMS
– Test of the Swiss approach of cost profit analysis “Riskplan” in the project Interreg Adaptalp

  • Organization of meetings between technicians, scientists, services departments administrators and elected representatives (workshops, working groups)

Exemples :
– Workshops realized during the Interreg projects PRINATRISKYDROGEORiskNat-Alcotra and RiskNET
– Workshop organized within the framework of Labex ITEM

  • Exchange of practices of prevention or risk management between institutions of different territories, comparison and analyses

Example: comparison of the public politics and the institutional organization of the natural risk management between France, Italy (Piedmont and Aosta Valley regions) and Switzerland (canton of Valais) in the Interreg project PRINAT

  • Production of state of knowledge reports validated by scientists’panel

Example: syntheses stemming from the knowledge base developed within the framework of the Interreg project ClimChAlp (see portal “Alpes Climat Risques”)

  • Participation in the coordination of the tasks of a project

Example : coordination of the workpackages WP1 and WP3 of ANR project ANR SLAMS

Accompaniment of Research

Animation of the SDA network “Science-Decision-Action for the prevention of natural hazards in the Alpes (2014-2020)

This network has authority to accompany the French alpine search(research) on the natural risks within the framework of the European programs POIA and Interreg:

» “Science-Décision-Action” Portal

Animation of the Isère departmental research program (1989-2010)

From 1989 to 201, the PGRN (PARN’s former name) has animated the research program of the Conseil Général de l’Isère (Isère department’s council):

» Programme Départemental de Recherche

Coordination of the research program on natural hazards of the « Contrat de Plan Etat/Région : CPER Rhône-Alpes” from1989 to 1999

» List of projects and links to synthesis reports

Synthesis and Release of Research Results

Portail thématique

Alpes-Climat-Risques : Network, News and Knowledge Base on the effects of Climate Change on Natural Hazards in the Alps

Base de données

Base Projets : Research Results on Natural Hazards in mountain